NASA To Announce “Amazing” Discovery On Pluto October 8th – WUITS Space News – Amazing Space Videos

I meant for this to be my pre announcement quick little 5 minute video at the very most with me talking about the supposed “Amazing” Discovery announcement press conference by NASA tomorrow October 8th 2015 during the next release of Images & Data from the New Horizons Spacecraft. This was going to be the short little before video. Well somehow it morphed into me talking for over 20 minutes about Pluto, showing pics of Pluto, Talking about the website & some of the new content I have been working on for the channel. So basically we have a Pre-NASA conference / WhatsUpInTheSky37 Space News video here. I hope you enjoy and I REALLY hope that we are not let down like we were with the “Mars” water flows that we had known almost about for the decade in many cases. It was official information for the Masses and seemed to me to be more of a statement to move along Disclosure of some kind with the people who do not follow what NASA or what humans even do in Space. I hope that is what it was really for because if you are a subscriber to my channel we know that this runs MUCH DEEPER then some water flows on Mars. Withholding judgement until tomorrow 😉 When I am at work setting up a new router and network architecture tomorrow listening to this with my cell phone I will make my judgement.

Make it “Amazing” NASA! Pluto is a very pristine “dwarf” planet due to its location and I would love to find out something to the point that it is hot at its core which causes all sorts of amazing things to happen on the surface that we have never seen before accept on our own planet.. But I will hold my breath..

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