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Living on the planet comes with certain perks and pitfalls. Ideally you live somewhere that affords you plenty of food and sunlight and a steady supply of love and affection from friends and family. Those are the perks. But there are pitfalls of being a human on Earth too. Herpes is one of them. Hi. Sorry to blindside you there but you probably have it. Studies show that there are eight different strains of the Herpes virus and at least 67% (and some research says way more) of the general population have at least one of those. Oral herpes, chicken pox, shingles, and mono. That’s all the herps. But don’t despair. Things on Earth are pretty sweet. Even with Herpes. Having Herpes in space on the other hand is a whole other kettle of STIs. Sorry but it was that or “is a Herps of a different colour” so just accept it.

In truth, space travel so significantly mutates and reactivates the Herpes virus that astronauts often come home with some explaining to do. Microgravity and radiation, common in space, cause Herpes flare ups that result in Johnny Spaceman or Jilly Spacewoman having to explain why they have Shingles now. The answer? Space Herpes. Seriously. 

Thankfully NASA is sinking $80,000 into research to figure out why the virus, well goes viral when it goes cosmic. Hopefully all that space Herpes testing will lead to treatment here on Earth.

I talk all about it on today’s News House.

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