NASA: Planet X News Update – NASA No Longer Deny Nibiru 12/20/2017

Scientist no longer claims Planet X is a hoax according to NASA’s Jim Green. They can no longer deny that Nibiru exists, finally, they have come out and acknowledged Cal Techs research on planet 9 a.k.a Planet X.

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10 thoughts on “NASA: Planet X News Update – NASA No Longer Deny Nibiru 12/20/2017

  1. So NASA really flew past Pluto this past July? Wow! But wait a sec…I thought Pluto was taken off the list of "Planets" that make up our Solar System & was now considered to be nothing more than a mere star…?! Fake News reported on this. I specifically & distinctly recall Kathie Lee Gifford stating, "Pluto…Ohhh, I'm sure gonna miss that little guy (takes a really big swig off her wine as if distraught over this news)!" Yes, she's quite a character, saying the darnedest things & in a most animated manner the majority of the time! But I digress.

    Considering the above, making such a proud statement wherein you recognize Pluto not only as being in the named planetary system, but also as being the last planet in the said system seems rather contradictory. Nonetheless, let's momentarily push the above said aside, making room for human error, even though that human is me. NASA still flew ALL THE WAY past Pluto! But yet in order to reach the ISS, the U.S., along w/other countries, has been degraded to the ranks of shuttle-pooling in a craft owned & manned by Russia. We've but a mere week, give or take, until the 1st of the New Year, 2018. Technology has continued to advance, i.e. Sophia, driverless, vehicles, etc. But yet we're hitching rides w/Russia. Yeah, right. And I suppose we're doing that to conserve money…?! Lol!!

    I knew NASA was nothing but a farce in order to illegally funnel taxpayer money after hearing, for the first time I could recall, one of your very own answering the question on camera "Why, after all these years, hasn't NASA returned to the moon?" The NASA Engineer responded, "Due to reasons I'm unable to disclose, we destroyed all past technology to reach the moon. Since then, we've been unable to duplicate that technology." Well, forgive me for not believing one solitary thing where NASA is concerned. I guessing NASA didn't cut their live feed either?!?

  2. The term "Planet X" refers to any hypothetical planet out there, not just the Nibiru conspiracy. Planet X has been an idea since the 19th century, way before the conspiracy theory ever came about. They didn't acknowledge Nibiru with this, so calm down.

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