Nasa – Nasa: Nibiru Coverup Exposed – Planet X update 2016 #Space #videos #NASA #News

Nasa stated they were observing comet that passed earth. RT Live News 3 days later informs us that there are 2 Monster comets that are still heading our way with almost same footage provided by nasa… The way it looks like, they are referring Nibiru/planet x as comets.

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look at the picture at 3:02, then watch the video RT Lives News is showing at 4:40. It’s the same source from nasa but they just created a simulation for it themselves with the images that was provided by NASA. That was the last news we got from Nasa and 3 days later, Russian Television uses same source they said it themselves and but RT saying something completely different? Check out the full RT Live broadcast here for yourself please.

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RT Live News: Two monster-sized asteroids heading towards earth at 43,000 miles per hour. While our planet is safe, many earthlings see various omens and danger.


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