Nasa – Grand Canyon from the Stratosphere! A Space Balloon Story #Space #videos #NASA #News

In June 2013, a group of friends launched a high-altitude near space balloon a few miles from Tuba City, Arizona. The amazing footage of the Grand Canyon area was LOST, then found two years later by an Arizona hiker. Enjoy the video of our launch preparations, flight footage, and some data analysis of the flight.

Max altitude: 98,664 ft (30.1 km)
Time of flight: 1 hour, 38 minutes

Payload: GoPro Hero3, Sony Camcorder, Samsung Galaxy Note II phone. The GoPro and camcorder were recording video footage, while the phone was taking still images.

Music: Matt Corby – Brother (Kygo Remix) – Creative Commons License 3.0

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Team members: Bryan Chan, Ved Chirayath, Ashish Goel, Tyler Reid, Paul Tarantino

Special thanks to Broadcom

Find more about the science here:
High altitude GPS:
Fluid Lensing:

As featured on CNN, BBC, ABC, The New York Times, and many other news outlets!

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