Nasa Breaking News:Sun Will Flip Its Magnetic Field Soon

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44 thoughts on “Nasa Breaking News:Sun Will Flip Its Magnetic Field Soon

  1. This is a bit misleading, anyway, since the Sun doesn't just have one magnetic north and south pole. Earth does, because we have one large, gentle current of charged particles going through our mantle. The Sun, though, has thousands and thousands of eddy currents and mini-currents all over, so it has thousands and thousands of poles (sunspots are a result of this).

    So it's really an overall flip that's been over a decade in the making, not a singular, giant reversal of the whole thing.

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  3. It could get destroyed, although another occurrence could be like Comet Lovejoy. However, when I am referring to a comet amplifying a magnetic pole shift, I am meaning the discharge a comet creates,protons and electrons. The Sun does seem to always react to nearby comet passing and that is very possibly due to electric & magnetic fields, not gravity alone. Thanks for your reply though, cheers

  4. I don't think magnetic field lines capable of carrying hot plasma the size of our planet away will be affected much by the passing of a tiny speck of dust 😀 You practically need a stellar mass object to pull that off, even the Earth falling into the sun wouldn't have much of an effect, and it has entire oceans and atmosphere to ionize!

  5. The reason we didn't parish 11 years ago is because we didn't get a direct hit with an X-Flare or CME. A flare has to be aimed directly at us. Whether or not we get hit by one in the future is yet to be determined. So the facts, and you can look these up, is that X-Flares won't fry you or directly cause people any harm. The worry is that if we get hit by another flare of the magnitude of the 1895 Carrington Flare it could knock out our power grid. No power, no food, people die.

  6. "I know lying is wrong, but if the elephant man came in now in a blouse with some make up on, and said "how do I look?" Would you say, bearing in mind he's depressed and has respiratory problems, would you say "go and take that blusher off you mis-shapen headed elephant tranny"? No. You'd say "You look nice… John""

  7. you mean except for the extinction of 97% of all animals that ever lived on planet earth, plus mini ice ages every 10,000 years, major ice ages every 100,000 years, the reversal of earths magnetic poles every 250,000 years, and the extremely powerful solar flares that happen every time the suns magnetic field reverses, just to name a few adverse effects.

  8. its easy to detect a coming magnetic reversal, we can detect the south pole spots appearing in the north, and vice versa, plate tectonics are way more complicated then a pole reversal, plus NASA deals with outer space not plate tectonics their not trying to predict earthquakes, thats for local scientists and geologists , your the joke. Try getting a real education, instead of speaking about stuff you know nothing about.

  9. In 1859 during the solar max, solar flares knocked out and set fire to telegraph lines, if that happened today any electronics would fry, plus many fires, a minimum a few billion people would die, no cars, phones, food,water, no way to cool nuclear power plants, and thats just a taste of what we would deal with. Its very serious stuff.

  10. So seeing you decided to launch a comment against me person even though you know nothing about me or my level of education I will ask you the next stupid question. So if the magnetic pole shift to the degrees that would cause major impact whatever you define as major impact, it would suggest that the axes of rotation relative to the sun would change as well and that would mean a new North/South pole could be formed where we currently have tropics and that is also what happened in the past?

  11. Theoretically, what you said is true. What cannot771 said is logical since there is insufficient geological data to disprove his assertion. That extremely powerful solar flares have happened 'every time' the sun's magnetic field has reversed is NOT absolutely certain. Nobody has been around to document it 'every time' it's happened. Having said that, the earth has survived so far without being turned into a smoldering cinder by a solar flare event.

  12. If I didn't know better I'd say that you write for the Sci-fi channel with all your doom and gloom, worse case senario and all hell's going to break loose if we don't watch out BS. BTW, this is all 'B' movie stuff and nonsense. However, on the rare ocassion that such a horrendous event does take place, I'll be the first to sing your praises. Until then, please stop trying to incite a riot, okay?

  13. "The sun's peak of solar activity this year will likely be the quietest seen in at least 100 years, say NASA scientists who watch Earth's closest star daily."
    "Sunspot numbers are low, researchers said, even as the sun reaches the peak of its 11-year activity cycle. Also, radio waves that are known to indicate high solar activity have been very subdued."

  14. "It's likely to be the lowest solar maximum, as measured by sunspot 'number,' in more than a century," wrote Joe Gurman, a project scientist for NASA's sun-observing mission Stereo, or Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory. The current sun weather cycle is known as Solar Cycle 24."

  15. You misunderstand, i'm not trying to get people to riot, that wouldn't help anyone. All i'm saying is it has happened before, it could happen again. We have the technology to prevent the fall of the power grid, in such a scenario, but we aren't using it. Thats the problem.

  16. OK! Cue in the foreboding music, now say something people already knew. Now, say its some how different this time, be Sure not to tell them why its different this time,or give them any proof that it is , that will scare them! Great! Good job!

  17. Yipee! I have only survived five of these so far!

    The great part is that this is the ONLY star who's magnetic field we can observe, and we have convenient a mere one (of nine-ish) bodies we can observe interacting directly. For all we know, it could be NORMAL and we just happen to be in the 500 years where stars reach magnetic equilibrium. OR MAYBE all stars throw a MASSIVE CME at this age, and that is why we hear no life out there. It won't matter! The key is to not tell anyone, buy ammo…

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