Mysterious Cigar Shaped Interstellar Object Visited Solar System

Update:Stephen Hawking:Cigar-shaped asteroid ‘Oumuamua’ A/2017 U1 could be an alien spaceship
Looks like alien mothership..Oumuamua: First Visitor From Another Solar System Confirmed to Be Weird Cigar-Shaped Asteroid
Alien’ asteroid spotted dive-bombing our solar system
Astronomers may have discovered the first interstellar object, a comet or asteroid that’s broken free of another star to pay a visit to our sun.

Did we get a visit from an interstellar object? Scientists believe it’s very likely.

All the asteroids and comets astronomers have ever spotted in our celestial neighborhood appear to come from somewhere else in the solar system and orbit the sun, just like Earth.

That is, until the University of Hawaii’s Pan-STARRS 1 telescope last week discovered what appears to be the first ever seen “interstellar object” — an asteroid (or maybe a comet) that escaped from the gravitational grasp of another star and fell through the roof of our solar system.

That makes the object currently designated A/2017 U1 an alien of sorts around our corner of the cosmos.



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