Most Oppenheimer Park residents accept housing, says city

The City of Vancouver and the Park Board have provided an update on their attempts to find housing for homeless residents who have been living in Oppenheimer Park.

In a statement, the City said around 93 people have accepted offers to move into housing or shelter accommodation. The city estimates this accounts for more than two-thirds of the people who were living in the park at the time the city’s eviction notice was issued on Monday.

Campers living in the park were asked to leave by Wednesday at 6 p.m.

At the time, the city estimated that there were fewer than 140 people in the park, and that there are 140 units available through BC Housing.

Empty or abandoned tents were moved to the edge of the park in order for park board staff to start maintenance of the field on Thursday, according to the city statement. 

Help with moving

The city said any items people wish to get back will be labelled and stored for up to 60 days, and a card with details on where to retrieve the belongings will be given out to every camper.

The city and park board will only dispose of unwanted belongings from those who have already accepted housing or items that are clearly abandoned. 

According to the statement, the park board is considering if further legal action needs to be taken in order to enforce the order. The city’s Carnegie Outreach team will continue to help those who want to move out of the park into housing. 

Housing options for those still living in the park are available. 

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