Most MYSTERIOUS Sounds From Space!

Check out the most mysterious sounds from space! This top 10 list of bizarre and unexplained noises from outer space recorded by nasa sound like weird alien sounds!

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7.) Sound of Saturn
The sound of Saturn was recorded in April of 2017. NASA’s spacecraft, Cassini, went between Saturn and its innermost ring. All probes have many instruments to capture different kinds of waves and magnetic resonances. These instruments do not actually hear sounds, since there technically is no sound in space, but they do catch radio waves which can be converted into audible sounds for us. Cassini was travelling at 70,000 mph over the 2,000 mile distance. When you listen to the audio, you would think that these creepy high pitched whistling wind type sounds belong in one of the Friday the 13th movies. If you listen closely, you can hear just a few clicks or pops, like dust on a record which is not what scientists were expecting. They expected many more collisions of dust particles hitting the spacecraft like “driving through Iowa in a hailstorm!” Instead, the sounds they encountered were generated by dust the size of cigarette particles!
6.) Sound of Neptune
Voyager 1 and 2 were launched in 1977 to explore the outer planets. Because of their successful encounters with Jupiter and Saturn, their mission was extended to include Neptune and Uranus in the mid 1980’s. Fun fact: Voyager 1 is about 18 billion kilometers away and a signal from Voyager 1 takes over 34 hours round trip. The sounds from Neptune are almost like a continuous wind (or a vacuum to some). To many people it is very relaxing and in fact, there is a 12 hour video on YouTube of Neptune’s sounds for sleeping if you are interested!
While Neptune is known to be a dark, cold planet, the sounds the planet gives off are anything but. While the sound might be calm, the frequency of this windy sound can make you feel like you are outside with high winds. Throughout the video, you can hear a surge of whistling or vibrations, which do tend to give the audio a bit of a creepy twist.
5.) Radar Echoes from Titan’s Surface
Huygens, an atmospheric entry probe, landed on Saturn’s moon, Titan in 2005 and recorded some of the most techno sounds from space. If you listen to the audio, you can hear the sounds increasing with intensity and it may just be the best build up ever! The audio starts out with what sounds like bass drum beats and then something like electronic interference enters the audio, which is when it slowly starts to speed up. You could definitely use this in an EDM remix!
4.) Sounds of a Comet Encounter
On Valentine’s Day in 2011, the Stardust Spaceship flew by the Tempel 1, which is a periodic Jupiter comet and was the subject of a deep impact space mission. As the spaceship went soaring by the comet, icy particles of dust and small rocks began to bombard an instrument attached to the spaceship. This instrument, called the Dust Flux Monitor, measures dust impacts in space through electrical pulses and sound waves. The result of this sound has made the list of some of the most interesting space sounds NASA has released. When you listen to the sound, it sort of sounds like tiny balls of hail rapidly hitting your window during a thunderstorm. After listening to the audio track, it also seems like you can hear the sound of tiny rocks hitting the instrument. If you listen closely, there also seems to be the sound of static. For scientists, this audio track was proof that not only do icy dust balls continuously leave a comet, but they also break up in space. While the released audio track is only a few seconds, the whole video reportedly reveals about 5,000 total impacts which were observed over 11 minutes.
3.) Miranda Sounds
Miranda is known as the smallest moon orbiting Uranus. These sounds were captured by NASA’s Voyager 2 which passed through the Uranus system in 1986. Voyager 2 was carrying different kinds of detectors to capture cosmic rays, radio waves, plasma, etc. These sounds are solarwinds interacting with electromagnetic fields.
People have described it as a breeze travelling through the trees, or as faint police sirens that have been stretched out. It could definitely be the background music to a creepy, scary movie.
2.) Sound of the Sun
The sound of the sun can make you think of Star Wars, as it is probably the sound closest to a lightsaber.

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