More than two dozen nearly new tents, camp stove stolen from Regina Scouts group

The Regina 86th Scouts group is down a camp stove and more than two dozen tents after a break-in at its storage trailer.

It’s not clear exactly when the trailer was broken into, according to Geoff Trofimuk, the group commissioner.

But the doors were recently found swung open and the lock cut off by a parent of one of the 75 kids in the 86th, with a number of items thrown out of the trailer onto the ground.

Missing was a camp stove and at least 25 tents, many of them purchased by the 86th just last year.

The estimated cost of all the stolen gear is around $4,000.

“We fundraise every year to buy supplies, and our group is growing so we need new supplies and gear to be able to continue running the program,” Trofimuk told CTV News. “So unfortunately the money that we fundraise this coming year will have to go towards buying tents that we unfortunately just bought. so we’ll cope and we’ll make do but it’s certainly a tough loss.”

Trofimuk says police are aware of the theft and are trying to find the missing gear, but says it’s unlikely the group will be getting them back.

“It’s not looking great, probably unlikely to recover things. But we’ll see what happens.”

The group does have more time than otherwise to fundraise for replacements, as upcoming summer camps and events had to be called off due to the pandemic.

The group hopes to be able to replace the equipment by the fall.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to contact Regina police or Crime Stoppers.

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