Miss Universe 2017 Full Show HD

Enjoy the full show of Miss Universe 2017 in HD!

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I do not own the rights to these clips, for entertainment purposes only. All the rights go to The Miss Universe organization.

South Africa – Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters
1st Runner-Up
Colombia – Laura González
2nd Runner-Up
Jamaica – Davina Bennett
Top 5
Thailand – Maria Poonlertlarp
Venezuela – Keysi Sayago
Top 10
Brazil – Monalysa Alcântara
Canada – Lauren Howe
Philippines – Rachel Peters
Spain – Sofía del Prado
United States – Kára McCullough
Top 16
China – Roxette Qiu
Croatia – Shanaelle Petty
Ghana – Ruth Quashie
Great Britain – Anna Burdzy
Ireland – Cailín Toíbín
Sri Lanka – Christina Peiris



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39 thoughts on “Miss Universe 2017 Full Show HD

  1. Beautiful pageant. But really Fergie?? What happened to her?? She has not had a single good live performance in years. I can’t believe they chose her for anything let alone the biggest pageant in the world. I was embarrassed for her. So terrible!

  2. I came back here to tell you that Miss Philippines returns 2018 for a revenge… 2014 mj ended top 10 only and Pia Take the crown!!! Now Catriona will get the crown, rachel ended top 10 🤘👑

  3. Good show based only on the outward beauty & appearance. I am a stylist worked at Premier Atelier Salon in San Diego, California, USA for many years prepping models , beauty pageants , actors, movie stars, sports celebrities & USA military. If we have a fair competition , these women would not have to go through a process of hours of make- up & highlighting, baleage , brazilian blow-outs, hair preparation & tanning sessions & cosmetic procedures…In this competition If we based on a natural outward beauty miss Jamaica ,England, China , Thailand, Sweden , Ireland, Romania seems to have a most natural beauty. They should be crowned miss Universe..along with South Africa. Women can also be recognized & celebrated for their natural beauty that they were born with..They shouldn't have to change their looks just to enter a beauty pageant.

  4. Miss USA , Great Britain, Italy, Spain, India, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria , Iceland, Barbados, Canada ,Mexico are all good representation of beauty of their countries.. Everyone on stage should receive a crown just for beauty because all are a symbol of beauty for their country that they represent. These women are so brave to walk confidently on stage in front of a world audience.

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