Maybe We Are Alone in the Universe, After All…

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There are around 700 quintillion planets in the universe. It’s a revelation that’s both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. We are fairly sure that there are many Earth-like planets in our galactic neighborhood. The time is ripe (or almost so) to wonder whether these new worlds do indeed have a high probability of hosting new forms of life. Today we at “Smart is the new sexy” decided to collect facts that we definitely know about life on our and other planets.

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29 thoughts on “Maybe We Are Alone in the Universe, After All…

  1. .. the conditions to get life started and going is pretty unique considering most of life on Earth is restricted to just at the Earth's surface. Almost all of the Universe is anti-life.

  2. We need better technology. I saw a video and it compares our technology with the dot dash system. If someone who uses the dot dash system nowadays no one would understand him or her . It's the same for us . Either we or the aliens don't have technology that could be understood by us

  3. Not even watching the video
    Within a 93 billion light-years distance fucking VISIBLE universe..
    There has to be fucking life. Somewhere out there.
    Accord to one video math..
    The whole universe COULD be in a sense… 93 billion light-years x 150SEXTILION the size or something at this current time..

  4. Even if their are aliens. You really think it would work out well if we met. Or perhaps life is common enough that interstellar travelers notice were there, shrug their shoulders and just zoom to another uninhabited comfortable planet

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