LRT trains outfitted and tested for safety of emergency vehicles

LRT trains were being outfitted with onboard equipment on Tuesday, to allow them to talk to intersections along its route.

One train is 100% finished for the first time.

Bombardier sent 100 people to help finish the LRT trains.

The region wouldn’t confirm if more than one train was fully testing but in an update in November, we were told five vehicles had the onboard equipment installed.

“Those trains are at full testing mode right now… they’re going through testing with all the different system integration tests,” says Senior Project Manager Brendon Simon.

One of those tests is traffic signal coordination to give the right of way to emergency services when they need it.

“The preemption system allows us to change the lights as needed to allow traffic to continue to flow,” says Jim Topham with paramedic services.

The intersections are smart and control traffic based on who needs to get through.

Even after Tuesday’s tests, each train needs to complete 600km of road testing before the system can be up and running.

With reporting from Max Wark

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