Lost phone app helps locate senior missing in Burns Bog – British Columbia

An app for finding a lost phone did more than advertised on Sunday.

It helped locate a 76-year-old man with dementia lost in Burns Bog, according to Delta Police Department’s spokesperson, Sharlene Brooks.

Brooks says the man left home for a walk but did not return for several hours. His family became concerned and called him on his cell phone, which he answered.

“The family member had the wherewithal to use the Find My iPhone app, which gave the location of the phone, which is where the gentleman was,” she said.

“She called police. We then went to the location that was indicated where he would be with the phone, located him in good health and then transported him home.

“Everybody got home safe and sound.”

Brooks says the man was officially found on Highway 17, in an area “miles from his home.”

She says she couldn’t recall an app like this helping Delta police before, but there are other technology tools families can use to help keep loved ones with dementia safe from wandering.

“This one was the one that this particular family member had access to and utilized, and it worked perfectly.”

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