KSP Mission to Mars in Real Solar System

A video about my flight to Mars in Kerbal Space Program with RSS mod. In this mission a crew of 6 is sent to Mars, together with the Mars descent/ascent vehicle, 2 supply modules and 1 habitat module and a car to construct the base and to drive around.

Obviously the mission is very expensive and is completely unlikely to happen in real life. My biggest concern was to make more or less accurate spacecrafts and to find a way to bring modules to Mars, land them and to assemble a simple base from them.

A real manned mission to Mars can be done in just a few launches. If you’re interested, watch “The Mars Underground” documentary or read a book called “The Case For Mars”.

If you’re interested in Mars entry, deleceleration and landing, have a look at a lecture by NASA on this topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLBXnJ1JjVQ

The music used in this video is free and made by Stellardrone( https://stellardrone.bandcamp.com ): Journey To The Sun, Light Years, Comet Halley, A Moment Of Stillness, Ascent, To the Great Beyond.



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