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34 thoughts on “INTENSE, raw, and unreal – Tornado Chasers 2012 season trailer!

  1. OMG just read the other comments, that's HARRP Reed, not natural storms, man made storms, but idiot you left out CHEMTRAILS, aren't they seeding the clouds Lmao, watch out for the conspiracy theorists 😳💦💨

  2. You guys are like the warriors from the legends. You defy fear right at it's face, and save a lot of lives with your jobs. Some people may say you are nuts. I have to say that most of the greatest people in our history had to be a bit nuts, but at the end you guys are Heroes. Can't wait to see this season. I admire you all a lot, and I always wish your experiments find a successful outcome to further the studies in this amazing side of nature that the rest of us should respect. Once more, thanks

  3. If you liked Storm Chasers, this is definately worth buying. I just bought the season, and can say I was really impressed. The episodes were filmed remarkably well, and the music is great. It also shows a bit more of the human side of the people, like the way they interact with each other and their playfulness. Amazing closeups of the storms. I had no idea they could do this at this quality without the major backing. Well done! Buy it, you won't regret it.

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