Hyper Universe Launch Trailer

Get Hyped! Hyper Universe is Free to Play on Xbox One!

Assembled from every corner of the galaxy, join the outrageous cast of battle-ready Hypers as you hone their insane power and compete in epic fast-paced 4v4 combat.



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46 thoughts on “Hyper Universe Launch Trailer

  1. Hyper Universe came out on Steam ages ago. A lot of people refused to play it due to Nexon censoring the game for western audiences, who then forced the developer to censor the original Korean version. Last I heard it was dead in the West and East. Surprised it's coming to Xbox.

  2. For free!? Omg this looks like an actually paid game! Im glad i have an xbox! (Except for that vr part though but im sure it well happen soon… i hope)

  3. Dont bother with this game trust me. Sometimes the other team your facing is actual bots with player-looking names. The company behind this game let the game die on PC and still are trying to cash grab before the game gets shutdown. Don't believe me, go look at hyper universe reddit or Steam page. Enjoy

  4. Tried the game but it's way too laggy so uninstalled. When is Battlerite coming? They have an announcement today regarding their BR mode so maybe they will mention the Xbox version?

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