Hurricane Preparedness 101: 20 actions to protect your family and property

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Hurricane checklist reminders in brief
1. Drinking water – 1 gallon per day per person living in the household. Don’t count soft drinks or other beverages. That’s extra.
2. Food that doesn’t need cooked or need extra water.
3. Other food that might need water to cook. (5 days total-3 meals a day for both categories – don’t count snacks . That’s extra)
4. A camping stove of any type with plenty of fuel.
5. 1 quart of vinegar in spray bottle to clean dishes if no running water available. Do not use paper plates/silverware. Garbage pick-up unknown.
6. Laundry – Do all your laundry within 24 hours before possible hurricane.
7. Baby wipes/wash towls and rinse free shampoo just in case there is no water service available.
8. Mow your yard within 48 to 72 hours before possible hurricane.
9. Tarps – Buy at least 1 (2 is better) very large blue tarp for temporary roof damage.
10. Screening/mosquito netting – can patch broken screens in windows.
11. Plenty of chlorine for pool. Keep highly chlorinated for anticipated plant material going into pool.
12. Battery operated radio with extra batteries.
13. First Aid supplies checked. Make sure drugs are not out of date.
14. Solar charger or chargers for electronics/phones.
15. Lanterns/solar lights. Don’t use or rely on candles.
16. Sleeping – will be extremely hot, humid and uncomfortable. Use non insulated air mattresses or cots/hammocks if you have them.
17. Yard clean-up and general tools (Make sure you can cool yourself down quickly, or don’t do it).
18. Generator if possible. At least 3,000 watts with three 5 gallon fuel containers and appropriate extension cords.
19. Portable or room air conditioner and a plan of where and how to set it up.
20. Secure/remove potential flying missles in your yard. Bring indoors or sink in pool.


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