Hurricane Matthew update: Tracking map, latest path, live weather forecast and storm maps

Hurricane Matthew update: Tracking map, latest path, live weather forecast and storm maps

This page will carry updated Hurricane Matthew path information, live tracking maps, weather models and videos as the huge Category 3 storm approaches the Eastern Seaboard.

All the Hurricane Matthew news you need will be here and updated 24/7: The latest from the National Hurricane Center, the NOAA and the National Weather Service as well as the best modelling from around the world including the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and the UK Met Office.

8.17am EST Update: Matthew is currently 45 miles (85km) East North East of the Cuban coast. It is 115 miles (185km) south of Long Island in the Bahamas. The hurricane is moving North North West at 10MPH

8am EST Update: The latest NOAA update has been issued. Latest track projection map shown below.

7.51am EST Update: Meterorologist Russ Adams on seeing the latest hurricane path projections: “This will be disaster for South Florida. Worst than Andrew.”

7.48am EST Update: You can’t actually see Florida anymore in the updated European model. That’s because it is now directly underneath the path of Hurricane Matthew…

7.46am EST Update: The eye of Matthew is no longer visible from space.

7.44am EST Update: Data from the Air Force Hurricane Hunter aircraft show that Matthew has weakened slightly. But the Cat 3 be moving over sea surface temperatures of 29C to 30C – conditions which should allow restrengthening as it moves towards Florida.

7.43am EST Update: The National Weather Service says the risk to life and property in the US is “extreme” and “devastating”.

7.38am EST Update: The National Guard confirms the Army Guard and Reserve Soldiers have swung into action in several states, setting up cots in emergency shelters and preparing to assist their communities.

7.31am EST Update: A state of emergency has now been declared in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. Gas stations across all three states are running out of fuel.

7.14am EST Update: The NOAA has issued an update on the likely rainfall totals across Florida. It’s astonishing. The entire eastern coast of the state is looking at half-a-foot of rain, minimum with at least two inches a long way inland. And this is the best case scenario…

6.43am EST Update: The latest GFS runs now agree with the ECMWF modelling. Florida is in trouble. Big trouble.

6.39am EST Update: Tropical Storm Nicole is becoming a big player in the Hurricane Matthew story. She is now located near latitude 24.3 North, longitude 61.8 West and is moving toward the west-northwest at 6 mph (9 km/h). A turn toward the northwest – towards Matthew – is expected later today.

6.33am EST Update: Matthew is still a monster. More than 550 miles across and tropical storm-force winds extend outward up to 160 miles.

6.29am EST Update: Hurricane Matthew’s estimated minimum central pressure is now 962 mb.

6.24am EST Update: Matthew is moving north at 10MPH and is expected to strengthen again now it is picking up energy over the warm waters around the Bahamas. It will reach southern Florida by late tomorrow, acccording to the latest projections.

6.21am EST Update: Strong winds, heavy rain and a “dangerous storm surge” is beginning to spread over the Bahamas say the NOAA.

5.59am Est Update: Matthew now has sustained winds of 125MPH in northern Cuba. The tourist town of Baracoa is being battered, as is the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay.

5.45am Est Update: The NOAA has just released a satellite image of Hurricane Matthew battering Cuba.

5.38am EST Update: The latest Hurrican Matthew path and tracking maps are incredible. The ECMWF ensemble has the storm making landfall over Florida on Friday and edging north along the US East Coast before looping back, through the Bahamas and possibly even into the Gulf of Mexico. Bananas – but other models seem to be in agreement. More updates as they come in, but for now, take a look at this stunning ECMWF projection…

5.27am EST Update: Matthew has now been downgraded to a Category Three storm, the National Hurricane Center confirm.

5.21am EST Update: An infared satellite image of Matthew has been released which looks, eerily, like a grinning skull. Spooky.

5.13am EST Update: Hurricane Matthew is now powering towards the towards the Bahamas after battering Haiti and Cuba with torrential rain and 145MPH winds.

5.07am EST Update: Mourad Wahba, the UN Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Haiti, says: “”much of the population” has been displaced by Matthew and at least 10,000 are in shelters.
5.03am EST Update: Four confirmed dead in the Dominican Republic as well as at least two in Haiti.
5am EST Update: The latest NOAA update and hurricane path map is out. Matthew is now a Cat 3 storm…heading straight for mainland Florida.


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