Hurricane IRMA UPDATE Sep 4th Its Bahamas and now South Florida on ALERT

Good morning everyone! HAPPY LABOR DAY!
Spell check PUERTO RICO!
please excuse my rough voice here, I really wanted to get this out for those of you checking in the AM. Lots has changed and we are getting out first sets of warnings and watches near the Leeward Islands then west into San Juan, Santo Domingo, Bahamas and Cuba!! IRMA WILL become at least a Cat 4 but cooler waters to the north will weaken it once it makes a north approach.
South Florida is now on serious watch, After another day or 2 of West movement we will see what type of Northern path Irma takes.
As of today possible 20+ food storm serge with this storm and still recording 50 foot waves closer to the eye.
**Ventusky is now showing a land fall in south Florida but IN this video I discuss the things that will effect its path such as the US jet stream and the high pressure circling in the Atlantic. Both models are now beginning to agree that this is not something to take lightly!

My updates will begin coming more often as Irma gets closer to the US coast, PLEASE everyone im not trying to make anyone panic but we ALL need to have a plan in place. We can not forget what hapen in Texas with Harvey, Even with warnings people were completly caught off guard.

UPDATED Spaghetti Models

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