Hubbles Amazing Discoveries[Space Documentary]HD

Hubble Space Telescope is awaiting one final shuttle servicing mission, but why is a telescope worth the risk? Hubble has made numerous discoveries, such as the birth of stars, the death of stars, the existence of black holes, the violence of a comet crash, charting Dark Matter clouds, and discovering 2/3rds of the Universe itself, in the form of mysterious Dark Energy. One day, the Hubble mission will end, and Hubble will burn up in the atmosphere. But a new telescope, the James Webb, will take its place among the stars.

Discovering Alien Worlds:

Cosmic Voyage:

Sucked Inside a Black Hole:

Mars Curiosity Rover Landing:

Mars pioneers:

Earth From Space Real Footage:

The Mystery of the Milkyway:

The Ever Expanding Universe:

Voyager`s Interstellar Mission:

If the Earth Stops Spinning:

What Happened before the Big Bang?:

The Dark Side of the Universe:

Black Hole:Monster in the Milkyway:

Pluto Mysteries:

Revisiting The Moon Landing:




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13 thoughts on “Hubbles Amazing Discoveries[Space Documentary]HD

  1. While The Hubble maybe great, The wonderful hardworking people who spend a whole year on one image must not even look at it or any other once! maybe they take their glasses off first before looking at it then the images go on to a huge system of hiding anything revealing and showing scwat !

  2. Maybe NASA should start telling everyone Kim Kardashian is stuck on mars with no clothes so they rally to get us there asap.

    Humanity is doomed. We don't deserve this beautiful planet.

  3. Space documentary’s seem to be the best sleep therapy for me. Always a bit pissed the next day though as I wanted to learn something and can’t remember what I was watching…

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