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In just a few simple steps, you can create a download link for files on your GoDaddy website. Learn about other Website Builder features at:

Downloadable files are a good way to provide your website visitors with information they can save or print. This video shows you how to link text on your site to a downloadable file using Website Builder 7.

First, be sure the file you want to add to your site is available on your local machine, and is no larger than 30 megabytes. It can be a Word document, text file, spreadsheet, PDF or similar type of file, but not an image or audio file.

Open your site in Website Builder, and click Text on the toolbar to add a text box to your page.

Double click in the box to display the text editor, then select the default text and type the text you want.

You can reposition the text on the page by pointing to its dotted border until you see a double arrow, then while holding down your mouse, drag it into place.

To create the link, double click the text, select the word or words you want to link, and then in the text editor, click the link icon.

In the Link box, click the red arrow, and then click Upload.

In the File Manager, you can either browse to the file on your local drive or drag it from its location on your computer and drop it into the File Manager.

Once you see it in the File Manager and confirm it has this check mark, click “Insert.” In the Link window, click Insert again.

To check that the link works, click Preview and then click the linked text. The file downloads to your computer just like it’s supposed to.

Remember to click Publish when you’re ready for your site’s visitors to see the link.


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