How Did The Planets Get Their Names?


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The Solar System:
Why Are Planets Named After Gods?:
Mercury Facts:
The God Mercury:
Venus Facts:
How Did Earth Get It’s Name?:
Why is Earth the only planet not named after a Roman God?:
Terra Firma on Etymonline:
Mars Facts:
The Moons of Mars:
Jupiter Facts:
The Galilean moons of Jupiter:
What Is Juno?:
Saturn Facts:
Saturn’s Rings:
Moons of Saturn:
Uranus Facts:
How To Pronounce Uranus:
Moons of Uranus:
Uranus Facts:
Neptune Facts:
Neptune, Roman God of the Sea:
Pluto Facts:
Pluto, King of the Underworld:

Cicero at the senate: Cesare Maccari
The Babylonian Marriage Market: Edwin Long
Mercury: Hendrik Goltzius
Greenhouse: Simon Müller
Terra: Marie-Lan Nguyen
Ares: Jastrow
Jupiter: Sailko
Zeus & IO: Paris Bordone
Ganymede: Eustache Le Sueur
Calisto: François Boucher
Europa: Jean François de Troy
Atlas V with Juno: NASA
Juno: shakko
Saturn: Polidoro da Caravaggio
The Mutiliation of Uranus: Giorgio Vasari
Neptune: Baldiri
Armband of Triton: PHGCOM
Pluto: Mel22

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