Historic Hurricanes: remembering the Caribbean’s most destructive storms

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Hurricane Irma, officially the strongest Atlantic storm ever recorded.But tropical cyclones in this part of the world are nothing new, each year the region braces itself for “Hurricane Season.”But in 1998, Hurricane Mitch became the deadliest storm in modern history,Leaving eleven thousand dead, and as many missing, with Honduras and Nicaragua paying the heaviest toll.More than the strong winds, it was the historic rainfall that caused the greatest damage, triggering floods and landslides on a massive scale.After its passage, two and a half million people were left homeless.As Hurricane Ivan swept through the Caribbean in 2004, the eye passed directly over the small island nation of Grenada.The damage was colossal: over three quarters of buildings were completely or partiallly destroyed by the winds.Schools, hotels, hospitals, prisons and event he prime ministers house.The entire island was left without power or running water.In 2012, Hurricane Sandy left a trail of destruction spanning from Jamaica all the way up the eastern United States.Haiti, one of the poorest nations on earth, saw whole neighborhoods destroyed.While in the US, even evacuations and costly emergency preparations could not prevent vast damages. Florida is now bracing for landfall in the coming days, but it hasn”t seen a category 5 since it was hit by Hurricane Andrew 25 years ago

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