Hiker rescued from steep-walled canyon after spending night trapped – British Columbia

Rescuers say a hiker is lucky to have suffered no injuries after getting lost and trapped in a steep-walled canyon Sunday night in North Vancouver. 

Sandro Frei with Lions Bay Search and Rescue says the man, a local in his 50s, strayed off the Lions Trail while following a creek that drains into Harvey Creek.

But he soon found himself “cliffed out;” trapped on all sides by steep cliff walls, a waterfall and steep, slippery rocks.

“The profile of the local mountains get progressively steeper as you go lower down,” Frei said. “He got farther down than anyone else has ever gotten down this drainage and got to the top of a large cliff with a waterfall on it.”

Used fire to stay warm 

Unable to climb further up or down, he called 9-1-1 and search and rescue crews were called in.

They were able to make voice contact with the man that night, but needed to wait for daybreak to get a helicopter in and carry out a long-line rescue.

Frei says the man was recovered without incident and had no injuries.

“He got a fire going and made it through the situation very well considering the situation he was in,” Frei said. “He wasn’t even really hypothermic, which was surprising.”

Frei says the lesson from the man’s rescue is to make sure if you’re going to try going someplace new in the B.C. outdoors, make sure you can get out, too.

Watch the video of the rescue taken by SAR

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