This is my entry for the 2017 LSB Contest in the "Vastland Cross" category:
The Grasshopper is a very durable heavy speeder, which is built for long endurance races though the most extreme weather conditions. It’s weight is
caused by the two heavy jet engines that are mounted independently in the back of the speeder. In the front of the speeder are two hover pads aren’t used as in the most speeders, to keep the speeder in the air, they are used as brakes and devices for very accurate movements. The Grasshopper isn’t maneuverable at all, but is very fast, powerful and durable. The position of the driver isn’t the best for aerodynamics, but it is the best way possible for challenges like hill climbing. As all Triton speeders, the Grasshopper has very fragile landing gear.
(I will make an .io file for this creation.)

Posted by NoobGamePro on 2017-02-16 19:34:49


amazing weather images – Grasshopper #Weather #Images


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