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The hidden story about the black ladies of NASA

Around 1943 during WW II, NASA had a serous problem on their hands. Most of their agency’s mathematicians and engineers were fighting in the war. So who did they call on to man or “women” the ship? You guessed it. NASA recruited over 1,000 women to be apart of their human computer programing team between1943 and 1980, including 80 African Americans. This gave rise to a group of outstanding black female mathematicians who dedicated their skills to the Langley Research Center within NASA.

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Listening Questions for English Learners

1. How many women did NASA recruit to be apart of their human computer programing team?
2. How many of those women were African American?
3. Name two projects the Langley Mathematicians help come to fruition?
4. What award did the Langley Mathematicians win in 2015?
5. What was a turning point in the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union?
6. What does NASA stand for?
7. What do you know about space?
8. Does your country have an space exploration team? What is their name?

1. Engineers
2. Manufacture
3. Civilian
4. Accomplishment
5. Aircraft



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