Extreme Tornado Tours 2012 Highlights! Book your tour now!

ETT puts the “Extreme” in Tornado Tours, safely of course, as our veteran storm chasing tour guides will get you up-close and personal to one of the most powerful, yet beautiful, natural forces on the planet. Chase in the same caravan as Reed Timmer and the Dominator Team as they intercept tornadoes directly, tour the natural wonders of Tornado Alley storms and beyond, and much more. Book your tour now on http://ExtremeTornadoTours.com for the adventure of a life time, as 2013 seats are filling up VERY fast. Never stop chasing


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37 thoughts on “Extreme Tornado Tours 2012 Highlights! Book your tour now!

  1. Ando buscando un video de tornado tours donde un par de tornados pequeños interceptan a los turistas y se ven pequeños torbellinos en la carretera. ¿Alguien me puede ayudar?

  2. Saving now. 2014 season ideal but if 2015 is appearing to be more realistic then yeah. Thank you for offering something for a vacation that isn't disney bullshit!

  3. may we can send one to you……have all your home pets and loved ones killed…
    if your not coming to help STAY THE FUCK AT HOME we don't need you here

  4. Re:Employment opportunity: I'd suggest that you not present yourself as a specialist or apply for that position until you have a sufficient amount of verifiable experience under your belt. Until then, you might be looking to fill a no/low-pay internship or PT assisting job. Learn the names for a tour's jobs. Be aware that any paying entry level jobs (administrative) may not involve any work out on the road. Accurately describe your abilities. Study meteorology to show you are serious +NETWORK 🙂

  5. I'm well aware of the goal. Sometimes you end up in a bad position and there isn't much you can do about it. It is always possible to have storms fire up behind you. Even if you know what you are doing it can happen. I have driven 15 passenger vans thousands of miles loaded with as much gear and people will fit. They are scary vehicles in a strong cross wind. However like I said before it is probably the safest option for a lot of people.

  6. Used to see a lot of this on our doorstep in southern Manitoba…great sky watching there. Lots of good roads for chasing too. I hope I get back there this summer.

  7. Amazing. I hope that in some days of my life, I'm also go to storm chasing tour like this.
    But now I don't have this possibility because I live in Israel and it's a very large expenses for plane ticket, visas ets..
    I know that I have to do it 🙂

  8. yeah cheers Man appreciate the advice, fair enough might not have the funds now, but nothing i wouldn't save for 😉 but as time is concerned, i'd dedicate any time needed just to be able to do this!!! dunno if you'll read this but don't suppose you could hook me up with a link as you seem to have a good knowledge on all this 🙂 Wb Cookie

  9. Try an e-mail for a personal reply. I don't think most chasers have time to read or seriously reply to these offhand remarks anyway. For whatever it may be worth, you might inquire about internships with a doctoral student if you are financially self sufficient and can offer a season of your time in exchange for being a true working member of a team, and if you are really lucky it might be properly structured and connected with a college program for credit. If not you'd be on your own big time.

  10. Yup, mine too. I wish they'd have a raffle or something so all the rest of us can buy a chance at going and the proceeds can cover the cost. Yea, it was around that much last year. I just checked some of the tours with available space and they said $3500 – I think they can basically name their price but liability insurance has got to cost them dearly regardless of whether people sign waivers. Save up if you can it has got to be worth it. What an amazing experience! I wonder if they ever see Reed

  11. Ok so i live in the uk and as you can probably guess, we don't get any tornado's over here…. well if we do it's an F1 that doesn't even hit the ground >_<, was wondering if i was to come on to a tour would you be able to direct me in the right path, to be able to become part of a specialist team???? you probably get the question all the time so i'm not really holding my breathe for an answer, just want to be able to do this some day as i've been fascinated in these my whole life…. Wb Cookie

  12. They are not intending to drive through any storms in them. They drive up from behind and from the sides, using radar they can plan an approach to avoid severe weather from their observation point. The goal is to observe from afar.

  13. If anyone wants to learn more about how the tours go click on my channel and watch the vlogs from the tour, but i'll warn you ahead of time we didn't see a tornado, just some really awesome storms. Definitely worth the money, this tour was awesome!

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