Essex MP wants fresh water strategy

The New Democrat MP for Essex is calling for a fresh water strategy.

Tracey Ramsey took a tour of the Fresh Water Restoration Ecology Centre in LaSalle on Thursday with Associate Professor Dr. Trevor Pitcher.

Ramsey recently introduced a private member’s bill in Parliament calling for an update to the federal policy governing freshwater.

An element in Bill C439 would include national standards for drinking water.

“In our own country we have indigenous communities that don’t have access to safe clean drinking water and at the root of that it’s about protecting the fresh water in our countries,” said Ramsey. “It’s a very critical time to be doing this across the globe and certainly Canada needs to be a leader because we have an incredible amount of fresh water to protect.”

Ramsey notes the federal fresh water strategy dates back to 1987, and it is well out of date.

Ramsey hopes her bill and other environmental issues become part of the conversation in this fall’s federal election.

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