Emotional fatigue in the wake of Edmonton attack and Las Vegas shooting – Winnipeg

A terrorist attack in Edmonton, followed by the largest mass shooting in modern American history, coupled with ongoing conflicts around the world all have the ability to emotionally drain anyone paying attention.

With the videos of tragedy circulating on social media, uncensored and unfiltered at times, and the access to connect with the tragedies a lot more easy, experts say we have to monitor how we are beginning to react.

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Syras Derksen is a psychologist in Winnipeg and said quite often the public can become so immersed in the tragic situations happening around them that they may not realize it could be starting to consume them and their behaviours.

“In mental health, people don’t often realize there are things they just can’t do. Their brain is an organ just like any other and if you put too much stress hormone through it, it will be affected and it will stop functioning properly in a healthy way,” Derksen said.

“They’re not excluded, it affects everybody.”

He said a good approach to this is finding balance.

Derksen said there is a constant desire to be in the know and that is ok. But he said with the day and age we currently live in, we need to limit the type of exposure we allow ourselves to have.

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He said that could mean reading or watching the news instead of playing the unfiltered videos of tragedy circulating social media.

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