Emerald cockroach wasp

Emerald cockroach wasp

This is a huge wasp about 2cm in length, in full shiny armor ready to pound on any cockroach she can find
@bt panjang, SG
I always find these fellas hanging around my neighborhood dustbins. The reason is that these are no ordinary insects; they are cockroach hunters, one of the most highly specialized killing machines ever designed by mother nature through her rigorous process of evolution.
The secret lies in its bizarre reproductive life cycle. The moment when a female is ready to deliver her eggs, she first seeks her victim/host which is none other than a sexy looking well fed cockroach.
Once the target is located, she immediately goes into action by delivering the first injection (sting) to the cockroach’s neck. This soon paralyzes its legs and puts it into a more manageable state where she can then deliver the second dose of venom. This sting would be directly to the head (brain) with surgical precision. Every step has to be precisely controlled in order to achieve the desired effect. Too much venom or venom to the wrong part, and the poor cockroach dies too soon, or the wasp dies from exhaustion.
Then comes to the most interesting part, with just the correct amount of venom injected into its brain, not only is the cockroach’s escape instinct permanently disabled, but the victim also (slowly but surely) turns into some kind of zombie that obeys the wasp’s every instruction.
Next, the wasp pulls the cockroach by its antennae and leads the victim to her burrow. There, she lays a fertilized egg on the cockroach’s body, leaves the burrow, and seals the entrance. The egg will hatch after a few days and the larva would then feed on the still living cockroach until it’s ready to exit the burrow as a fully grown wasp to start this unique behavior and reproductive cycle once again. (if it’s a female; I guess all the male does is diligently take part in the mating process…* which is not bad after all)

closeup view :

Hope I can capture the complete sequence one day.

Lately have came to know the cockroach has just revealed another secret to the researchers. Its amazing reproductive rate suggest that they ought to be great fuckers, making love all the time. But in reality, the truth is far from it. In fact the female only mate once in its entire life. Its possess a very special ability to store and maintain healthy sperm in its body. This unique behaviour allows the female to fertilize the eggs herself without the need to seek the help of a mate. Thus allowing the reproductive cycle to takes place anytime anywhere anyhow.
No wonder they just simply can’t be eliminated. Their hardiness is another major contributing factor to their survival.
Not only they are able to withstand the most extreme weather condition they are also able to withstand extremely high level of harmful radiation which most living things can’t.
These fuckers are probably the only creatures to emerge unscathed after a nuclear holocaust when all humans and along with the plants and animals that we are associated with are completely wipe out.
Hmmm…that makes me wonder if one day we are able to make them surrender their blueprint of their unique properties we might be able to survive a little bit longer here on mother earth.
One thing for sure I won’t adapt from them if I’m a female is their sexual behaviour kind of boring…..

Posted by kampang on 2014-10-20 12:46:39

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