El Reno OK Tornado with SN Dots

An animation showing the approximate location of the El Reno tornado, with chaser positions overlayed.

Tornado path and size based on radar and path compiled by NWS. Chaser positions from Spotter Network.


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44 thoughts on “El Reno OK Tornado with SN Dots

  1. Thanks for the reply. I've noticed many times when a storm is moving SE and then turns E or NE, it drops a tornado right after turning. I guess in this case it got stronger. If there's a meteorologist that could explain why this happens. I'd really like to know. BTW, I lived in OKC for about 5 years back in the 70's.

  2. Most likely that is the case. Back to work, Mike Bettes is of The Weather Channel. Back to what I was saying, I think TWISTEX took a direct hit by a violent suction vortex and were thrown possibly 500 yards to their death.

  3. i have question, what is before a storm coming, why they are "tornado" in skies, well clouds are like stop, go everywhere and sometime accelerating for the global cloud, just before first thunders, i'am from france so we just have some thunderstorms

  4. TWC broadcasts live their position on TV, and certainly could care less if their behavior encourages others into danger. They painted their vehicle to obviously attract attention as well. Keep in mind those dots are only a small fraction of all the chasers in the field; only those registered with the spotter network. On the other hand, it is the most veteran of chasers that do NOT advertise their whereabouts. In late May there are well over 1000 chasers in tornado alley.

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  6. Explanation: Spotter Network is a smart phone app, like 4 square and other social media apps that can use the GPS functions of a smart phone to give live tracking data, the video is a very simple video representation of the raw data about heading and GPS location. The data was masked on to a map along with an animation of the Tornado track, that data provided by the NWS. Interestingly, many cities and governments have full access to this data through the cellphone providers.

  7. doubtful its public access and usually well known chasers like TWC and others wont use it, afraid people will follow them out there and get themselves in danger.

  8. Watch closely at 0:10, on the intersection between the north-south interstate and that west-east road in the middle of the screen, just where the tornado crosses a frame later: for a very short time you can see a signal sitting on the intersection and then disappearing at 0:11 just before the tornado hits the highway… I don't know if it's them but probably it is someone who took a direct hit :/

  9. Trying to figure which was the Twistex team. All these GPS markers appear to continue moving after the storm went by. Didn't see any disappear either. As I understand their car was found on the small road running parallel to the main road out of El Reno. It does seem one of them was right under the tornado as it made the turn to the north. Fascinating video. Thanks for sharing.

  10. THAT'S INCREDIBLE! I was on this storm and didn't realize that there were that many chasers on it! And to think, that is only the chasers in that network!

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