Earth from Space. Videos and Photos of Planet Earth in Space ★★★★★

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Earth: Planet Earth from Space. Videos and Photos of Planet Earth in Space.
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Many beautiful photos of Earth in space panning and zooming with stars and galaxies. My favorite photos of Earth with many stars and to see this is such a wonderful achievement just within the past 50 – 60 years. Earth is one planet around a star or sun of over four or five hundred other suns in our Milky Way Galaxy. Seeing Earth with stars in space is probably one of the best views you could have. But also we know about the forests and jungles and oceans and bees and amazing life forms on Earth. Those aspects on the surface of the planet Earth are very important to our existence in the Solar System and Galaxy until we can build perfect 1000 mile wide Motherships. Organization and care and wisdom is more important than economy. For example each city in Australia should have it’s own abundant food basket and excellent water supply. Advanced quality housing should be more important than just how many millions of dollars can someone get for that tiny speck of land making other people work their entire life making toys that are soon to break and be thrown in the rubbish dump landfill, just to pay five hundred thousands dollars for a tiny bit of land not even big enough to grow food. Intelligence Agencies on planet Earth in space should be far more amazing than the silly games I have studied about online for fifteen years. And then in the end after you have made cheap toys for the rubbish dump landfills and paid tax to some invisible federal monetary system your entire life, they just go and secretly develop mind control to mess up your children while you watch from the afterlife.

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