Does This Photo Show That NASA Has Discovered Organic Life Outside Of Earth?

Does this photo show that NASA has discovered organic life outside of Earth? We take a look at an interesting photo that was captured by NASA.

NASA’s current and future Earth missions use the vantage point of space to understand and explore our home planet, improve lives and safeguard our future. NASA brings together technology, science, and unique global Earth observations to provide societal benefits and strengthen our nation. In the past 10 years NASA has made some incredible discoveries and one that has left people scratching their heads is this alleged creature.

Several website have featured the image but I can’t seem to find much information about it. One website claimed that a NASA satellite captured the image from deep space and that it shows a massive object that currently has not been identified. The strange shape does not seem to resemble a planet but more a bioloigical entity.

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41 thoughts on “Does This Photo Show That NASA Has Discovered Organic Life Outside Of Earth?

  1. Im suspicious of space because our sky we look at now seems to be holographic. They could tell me space was made of jello how would I be able to test that?It looks crystalline to me just coincidental my name roots supra cool words😉

  2. Insects living on earth can endure harsh conditions similar to space, If that is so then I think life of some type, such as bug with exoskeleton may be found residing in space. Maybe a large exoskeleton animal growing a very long time would appear similar to this image.

  3. Iv'e often wondered if creatures roam the vastness of space like they do in the oceans of Earth, i think it entirely probable, i guess only time will tell.

  4. It's just a phenomenon in space, like a quasar or a super nova. There is not a 1000 light year wide living being in space. The God of the Bible is everywhere all the time. There is nothing in the known Universe that is not known by Him, every second of history past, present, and history future. And He is rich in mercy and love. Arn't you glad satan is not God. He is not rich in mercy and love, but hates us all.

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