Day 80/365

Day 80/365

this was the coldest most painful thing i have ever done. turns out weather is multiplied about 3 times on the beach, which meant it was colder, wind was crazier, and rain was freezing. i could only handle about 15 minutes, and this is the product.

my pro account has expired. 🙁
the amazing jared campbell came to my rescue for the second year in a row! (: go show him some love, people.


it’s always flattering to find my photos on blogs/tumblrs, but please credit me.
it’s only fair (:

blog. <– lots here that isn’t on my photostream.
ask me something.

[explored – #211]

Posted by emyah on 2011-03-22 23:55:47

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amazing weather images – Day 80/365 #Weather #Images


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