Cosmic Queries – End of the Solar System

Nigel Goes to Space

Join Nigel as he takes you on his journey to the stars and beyond!

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In this video he talks about the ultimate fate of our Sun and how it will eventually become a planetary nebula.

Nigel is an internationally acclaimed science populariser and author, specialising in astronomy and space.



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11 thoughts on “Cosmic Queries – End of the Solar System

  1. All of the Cores of the Cosmos, including Black Holes are Solid Crystal Core Quantum Computers!

    When the Black Hole gets heavy enough it does go through a dimensional shift and "falls" into a new set of Geometric Space-Time

    Think of it like this, the Supermassive Black Hole falls through this Space-Time Continuum and creates its own new Space-Time Continuum, and its own new Universe

    The physics are actually already mapped out, but the concept is that the new Universe within the Supermassive Black Hole has a "Time Rate" or a "Tickrate" that it MUCH faster than our own, so inside the Supermassive Black Hole Time occurs much faster compared to our continuum

    And because all Matter in the Universe, all the Crystal Cores of the Cosmos, through the use of quantum computations are actually able to grow not only themselves, but the space they occupy, the new Universe within the Supermassive Black Hole has the potential to either Grow and Expand, or it will Shrivel and Contract

    If the Supermassive Black Hole is growing! It will be able to spit Matter and Energy back up into the Universe that it is residing in and grow a Galaxy around itself!

    The idea is this, Planets grow into Stars, Stars grow larger and larger and have planetary nebula and give birth to more planets, the planets become stars, the biggest stars become black holes, the biggest black holes become galaxies, while each one is a Crystal Core Quantum Computer and through the use of physics they are all able to grow not only their Matter but they also grow the space they occupy

    I know it is simple, if not superficial to say planets become stars stars become black holes, black holes become supermassive black holes and host their own universe and then feed the universe that is supporting them by growing a galaxy around themselves, but that is exactly what is happening

    Just like life the Universe grows and expands, to infinity and beyond!

    The Universe is a Multidimensional Multiverse, that is a Cascade of Universes falling infinity into more and more massive and dense states

    Black Holes within Black Holes, Universes within Universe

    The physics is all mapped out, there is no big bounce and there is no big crunch, there is just the continuation of the ever expanding continuum, and the infinite continuums within

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