Concern about shoreline erosion as powerboat event held

Windsor’s harbour master has been keeping an eye on the Detroit river Saturday where a powerboat event has residents worried about continued shoreline erosion.

“We of course will continue with Windsor police and OPP to monitor our Canadian side of the water,” says Peter Berry, the harbour master.

He is hoping common sense prevails as 50 powerboats take part in Skaterfest.

The boats can top speeds of 150 kilometres an hour and create damaging waves for shoreline residents.

Several complaints have come in of the boats breaking the 30-metre shoreline restriction on powered vessels.

Berry says the American authorities have been understanding to the Windsor Port Authority’s concerns but admits it’s a difficult situation to govern.

“At this point it’s very difficult to do anything because the river is a half-mile wide. We are in international boundaries. If I put a regulation into the middle of the river then what do I on the American side because that will still affect us?”

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