Charges laid after fireworks shot at swans on Grande Prairie lake

Charges have been laid after a video on social media showed a man allegedly shooting fireworks at trumpeter swans on a Grande Prairie lake.

A man has been charged under the Alberta Wildlife Act with hunting during closed season, an Alberta government spokesperson confirmed on Thursday.

Under the Alberta Wildlife Act, anyone found guilty of killing or disturbing a trumpeter swan could be fined up to $100,000 and face a maximum two-year jail term.

The charges stem from a video captured on June 17 in Crystal Lake Estates, a residential area surrounding a lake within Grande Prairie city limits. 

WATCH: Man allegedly shoots fireworks at swans

The video starts calmly, showing a group of swans gliding across a still lake. 

A few seconds later, a man standing at the water’s edge appears to begin shooting flares into the water, narrowly missing one of the birds.

The unidentified man can be heard shouting “get out of here,” while occasionally swatting a long instrument in the direction of a swan.

The bird was startled by the fireworks, but did not appear to be hurt.

The trumpeter swan is a non-game wildlife species protected by the Alberta Wildlife Act which means they can’t be harassed or disturbed.

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