Canadian News – William Sandeson found guilty of first-degree murder in Taylor Samson’s death

After weeks of testimony, a jury has found Dalhousie medical student William Sandeson guilty of first-degree murder in connection with the death of fellow Dalhousie student Taylor Samson.

Samson was last seen alive on video, walking with Sandeson into his apartment on Henry Street in Halifax.

He is never seen leaving the apartment.

WATCH: Last images of Taylor Samson shown to jury in William Sandeson murder trial

More than 30 witnesses have testified at the trial, which has spanned eight weeks.

Sandeson’s former roommate, Dylan Zinck, testified that Sandeson asked him not to be home on the night of Aug. 15, 2015.

When he returned to the apartment the following day, Zinck said the shower curtain was missing.

WATCH: Jury hears William Sandeson told roommate not to come home on night of alleged murder

The trial also heard from Sandeson’s neighbour and a former track and field teammate.

Pookiel McCabe and Justin Blades both testified that they were at McCabe’s apartment, across the hall from Sandeson’s, when they heard a loud bang on the night of Aug. 15, 2015.

Blades told the court he looked inside Sandeson’s apartment twice. The first time, he said he saw a man slumped over in a chair bleeding from the head and saw Sandeson running around with bloody money in his hands.

The second time he peered inside, Blades said he didn’t see the man sitting at the table, but saw streak marks leading down the hall towards the bathroom.

WATCH: Former teammate of William Sandeson tells court he saw bleeding man, bloody cash

Florence Celestin, a forensic specialist with the RCMP in Ontario, testified that Samson’s DNA profile was found on swabs taken from the bathroom and the kitchen of Sandeson’s apartment.

She also located Samson’s DNA on a shower curtain, garbage bag tarp and duffel bag that were seized from an old refrigerated ice cream truck at Sandeson’s family farm in Lower Truro, N.S.

READ MORE: Court hears bag found in ice cream truck at Sandeson farm smelled like decomposition

In addition, Samson’s DNA was found on a swab taken from the trunk of Sandeson’s vehicle, a 9mm Smith and Wesson handgun found inside a safe in Sandeson’s bedroom and a bullet that police recovered from a window frame in the same apartment.

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