Cambridge sisters get chance to chat with Justin Bieber

Two Cambridge sisters got the surprise of a lifetime last week, the chance to chat with Justin Bieber.

13-year-old Hayley and 10-year-old Paige Griffin were about to go to bed Friday night, when they were given ten more minutes to play with their phone, choosing to reach out to Bieber through his Instagram Live feed.

“We kept on typing like add me add me and then the bottom half of the screen started loading and it said Justin Bieber is requesting you on Instagram Live,” said Paige.

Suddenly the pair was talking directly to the Stratford-native.

“I was in complete shock I just felt like the happiest person ever I’ve been listening to his music since I was like five-years-old so it was really awesome,” said Hayley.

“I could barely talk I was like shaking,” said Paige.

Bieber has been using his time in isolation to reach out to fans on his Instagram and occasionally chat one-on-one.

“Yeah we’re at home, we’re here in Canada,” Bieber told the girls in the Instagram video.

The conversation lasted about four minutes, Bieber asking about the Griffin’s dog and what they’re doing to pass the time.

And in true Canadian fashion, the singer also chatted with the pair about Tim Hortons.

The girls say they didn’t fall asleep until about three in the morning that night, feeling starstruck.

“He inspires me so much in so many different ways, I was just like really happy,” said Hayley.

Hayley and Paige say the experience makes up for the time they had tickets to a concert Bieber cancelled a few years ago, due to health issues.


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