Breast Reconstruction Awareness event brings women who have breast cancer together

Bonnie Winne was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 38.

“I got out of the shower and I looked in the mirror like I always do and I had a dent on the left side of my breast.”

The mother of three immediately worried about the future for her children.

“The worst part was having to come home and tell my boys that I had breast cancer, but I promised them that I was going to fight it.”

Winne chose to have a mastectomy and breast reconstruction, and almost a year after she was diagnosed she was cancer free.

“When I finished radiation on the 28th of February I had my whole family there and I rang that gong at the cancer centre and everyone was happy for me but I wasn’t.”

That’s because Winne was struggling with extreme depression.

“I would put my kids on the bus and my husband would go to work and I would lay on the couch all day and cry i was lost and scared.”

Chair of Plastic Surgery at St. Joe’s Dr. Doug Ross says many women face struggles and fears like Winne , that’s why they are encouraged to come to the BRA Day Event.

“There’s lots of women there who have gone through breast cancer or going through breast cancer and reconstruction and I think to get together and meet other women who have had that experience I think a lot of women find it inspiring and informational.”

Medical professionals are on hand at the event to answer questions, there’s also a private show and tell area where former patients can show other women the results of their reconstruction surgery.

And of course there will be survivors like Winne who will share her story in hopes of helping others

“I think women need to understand that there are low parts and dark times but we need to be able to speak to the dr go to the dr and don’t be ashamed.”

The event takes place on Wednesday October 16th at 7pm. There are still spaces available for the event. Click here for more info and to register:

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