Breaking News! Fired NASA Officials Have Revealed Best kept Secret About Moon For 40 Year!

Breaking News! Fired NASA Officials Have Revealed Best kept Secret About Moon For 40 Year!

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16 thoughts on “Breaking News! Fired NASA Officials Have Revealed Best kept Secret About Moon For 40 Year!

  1. Honestly, there is a possibility that the construction on moon is real, and maybe this is the reason why we never went there again after Apollo’s programs or… just nothing is there and it is just wast of money to go there

  2. This how people of earth should live. There's a reason that they don't build house's, stores, shopping malls , streets, and all things we do here on earth. The doing their shit discreetly up there
    ( aliens or whatever built Those structures). I do feel we are infants and sitting ducks if there is aliens and if you compare us to Aliens. And if there is aliens and or structures on moon, with old ships and or new ships. There is a reason they haven't introduced themselves yet. If it true it looks like a battlefield on moon with bomb craters, crashed ships, ancient structures. And I am afraid if that is the case, who won? Us or them? There is evidence in India of an ancient battle in the sky and "Heavens" ,and of flying machines called "Vimanas".

  3. Great video. I am glad former NASA employees are starting to release secret pictures they had on file. I really like the ones with the rings. By this I mean the on that looks like a crashed space station ring and the one right after or before of what looks like the remains of an alien city in a circular shape. I also found interesting the alien spaceship that is round with the claws around the outside of it. I wonder what they had been for?

  4. Thre are definitely some constructs, we see seams for panels or hatches, rectangular impressions, any number of unexpected anomalies, but watch out for fake garbage being mixed in with reality. That one picture of a rover sitting above what appears to be a ringed craft actually looks like a Photoshopped camera lens ring blown up to look larger than the rover. I call BS on that shot.

  5. frequency (earth/sun) + magnetism (earth) + vacuum (galaxy) = levitate (result)
    Tesla Code 3 6 9
    “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

    light bulb (only low Hz with vacuum)

    UFO Lights use Electromagnetic spectral colors (Infrared = IR)
    The wavelength ranges of the spectral colors:
    ▪ Violet about 380 to 430 nm
    ▪ Blue about 430 (ultramarine blue) to 490 nm (Prussian blue)
    ▪ Green about 490 to 570 nm
    ▪ Yellow about 570 (green-yellow) to 600 nm (orange-yellow)
    ▪ Orange about 600 nm to 640 nm
    ▪ Red about 640 nm (orange-red) to 780 nm (madder red)

    h tt p s : / / g oo . g l / 5jpF4a

  6. On a slightly different topic,I didn't realize there is so many shills.they r people hired by the govt or big corporations 2 allign us on thinking a certain way, for all we know their might not b aliens and their govt saucers but all day Friday They want u to believe it thanks to ancient aliens, in just using this as an example.we know 4 sure the government lies but how many others have brainwashed our conspiracy theory minds ???

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