Boarding Up Windows with Plywood – Hurricane Preparedness

Preventing damage to windows from a hurricane is possible with this hurricane window protection video from Lowe’s. Learn how to board up windows with plywood with this comprehensive how to video.

You can choose from tension clips or screws for installing boards on your windows. Tension clips secure ½” plywood to recessed window casings without the use of nails. This is effective for wood, brick and stucco surfaces, but not vinyl siding. You’ll need to measure inside of the window casing from top to bottom and subtracting ¼”, then from side to side and subtracting ¼”. Repeat this for all of your windows to determine how much plywood you need or bring it to your local Lowe’s and an associate will calculate the amount of plywood you need.

When you have your plywood, you’ll need to cut it according to your measurements. Use a water sealer on the plywood if you are not using a rot resistant wood. It is a good idea to label each piece of wood by room for future use. Attach the tension clips facing towards you with a few taps of a hammer. Push the plywood into the window casing and ensure the clips are gripping the casing.

Attaching with screws is another method, with which you can use concrete screws, anchor screw with wing nuts or lag screws with anchors. This method works well on doors and vents as well. You’ll need to measure the width and height of the casing and add 10″ to each dimension (5″ to the height if you have a sill). For concrete walls, mark holes in the corners of the plywood at least 1 ½” from the edges, then mark every 12″ around the entire board. If you have aluminum, vinyl or wood lapse siding, use a stud finder to find the position of the stud, and mark the position accordingly on the board.

Drill holes in the wood at all of your marks, then hold it in place over the window and drill through the holes into your siding at the top corners. Secure these corners with screws and repeat for the rest of the holes.

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