Blue Plate Diner move is ‘bittersweet’

The Blue Plate Diner has been a popular eatery on 104th Street in downtown Edmonton for 15 years, and now they’re moving to a new location at 124th Street and Stony Plain Road. 

“I’m a little weepy but in an excited way, it’s kind of bittersweet for us,” said Rima Devitt, who co-owns the diner. 

The business is moving to make room for the proposed Mackenzie Tower, a mix of nearly 300 hotel and condo units on 104th Street, just north of Jasper Avenue. 

Despite her sadness to leave the neighborhood, Devitt said they’re on the right path. 

Owners first heard about the plans to redevelop their block about a year ago and it wasn’t an easy process to find a new home for the diner. 

“It’s hard to find a space that will fit us as a restaurant because we need a certain kind of space,” Devitt said. “It’s important for us to be in a neighborhood where people live and work… we don’t want to be out in the outlying area of Edmonton.” 

After six months of searching, they found the perfect spot at 12323 Stony Plain Road. 

Co-owner Rima Devitt said they plan to recreate the current vibe in the new space. (Nathan Gross/CBC)

Devitt said she is excited to be near so many other great Edmonton businesses and have parking for customers. 

As for the new space, owners plan to recreate the same vibe as the current diner. 

“I’m too old to reinvent myself at this point. The Blue Plate Diner is kind of a personality driven business, so we want the new Blue Plate Diner to reflect that as well,” Devitt said. 

“We want people to come into our new space and feel comfortable and I want them to know it’s the same restaurant.” 

Devitt said they hope to have the Blue Plate Diner open at its new location by the beginning of August.

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