Bigger Scary Hurricane Leo How To Survive A Deadly Storm

The second of two massive scary storm videos. Strong winds, savage lightning, and sideways rain. What would you do if your caught out in a severe storm? The biggest dangers with thunderstorms in Australia is flash flooding, falling trees, falling branches and lightning strikes. If you are caught in a sever thunderstorm it’s best to seek shelter in a house or car. The only problem with that is how do you know your making the right choice. The home may be owned by a crazed axe murderer. With today’s fancy smartphones it’s pretty easy to see when severe weather is approaching. Weather radars let you know exactly where storms are. This second storm was one of the worst in my area of Sydney, so many people experienced flooding and damage. Power was cut for days for some people. This was more like a mini cyclone or hurricane. There was days of cleaning up after this storm.

There are four types of thunderstorms: single-cell, multi-cell cluster, multi-cell lines, and supercells. Supercell thunderstorms are the strongest and the most associated with severe weather phenomena. Mesoscale convective systems formed by favorable vertical wind shear within the tropics and subtropics can be responsible for the development of hurricanes. Dry thunderstorms, with no precipitation, can cause the outbreak of wildfires from the heat generated from the cloud-to-ground lightning that accompanies them. Several means are used to study thunderstorms: weather radar, weather stations, and video photography.

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