Astronomical Education 3 (About the solar system and its moons.)

I talk about the planets in the solar system and its moons. Mostly the moons.

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Im a spiritual channeler of light and change. I channel extraterrestrials, angels and spirits.
Angels which speaks through me are Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Metatron and Gabriel.
I channel Jesus.
I also channel extraterrestrial beings like Arcturians, YahYel, Essassani, Zeta Reticuli, Grey Federations, Insectoids.
Also Tall Blondes, Pleiadian Humans, Orion Empire, Lyrans and Reptillians with many more.
Also interdimensional energies and beings from other universes.
I also draw portraits of aliens, angels, and create poems and art.
I pray and remote view. I can heal and sing angel songs. I try to help awakening
people into higher frequencies and 4th density, at the same time I work on myself to
be more in balance. This I do to help Earth fulfill its potential as a paradise for all humans and all the visitors.
Which it can become if we all bring balance to ourselves. If we share and grow our spiritual sides.
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Some of the monthly income I donate to charity.
Help me by subscribing to Youtube and Patreon and become a part of this spiritual endevour of light, love and expansion of frequencies.
Much love from Thomas.



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