Alec Baldwin donates Calgary appearance fee back to Owen Hart Foundation in wake of assault charge

Actor Alec Baldwin has donated his performance fee to a Calgary charity event he’s to speak at later this month over fear a recent assault charge he faces could cause a backlash against the organization.

Baldwin is to appear at the Owen Hart Foundation’s annual fundraiser on Nov. 30.

He was arrested and charged with assault and harassment last week in New York following a dispute over a parking spot.

Baldwin has denied the accusations.

Martha Hart founded the foundation in memory of her husband, who was the youngest of 12 children in the Calgary wrestling dynasty headed by Stu and Helen Hart.

She says Baldwin has donated his fee because he was concerned the organization could be hurt by the negative publicity.

She says Baldwin is confident he will be exonerated from the New York charges.

Owen Hart died in a wrestling accident in 1999.

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