Alberta teacher loses certification for luring student, repeatedly asking for photos of her toes – Edmonton – Canada News – CBC news

An Alberta teacher has pleaded guilty to two charges of unprofessional conduct after trying to lure a student into a relationship through Facebook and repeatedly asking for pictures of her toes. 

Steven McKerrall was the social studies and life management teacher at Three Hills School last year when he asked for the photos and tried to lure the student into an inappropriate relationship over social media.

McKerrall pleaded guilty to the charges of misconduct before a hearing of the Alberta Teachers’ Association’s professional conduct committee on March 22. 

The student, identified as Student A in the report, was made to feel “uncomfortable and apologetic” while refusing the teacher’s advances, according to the association’s findings.

The committee found that McKerrall ignored his responsibility as a teacher to keep up a respectful student-teacher relationship.

“McKerrall’s comments about his attraction to the student, his compliments to her … far exceeded the boundaries,” the report states.

The committee requested Alberta Education Minister David Eggen cancel McKerrall’s teaching certificate as a penalty for his conduct. Revoking his certificate was also intended to “create a general deterrence” against similar behaviour by teachers in the future.

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