Airdrie family frightened after home, vehicles vandalized

Allan Hlusiak was opening the blinds at his Airdrie, Alta., home Monday morning when he noticed some spray paint on the side of his front door.

Then, he went outside and realized the damage was more extensive than he thought.

“We basically got the whole perimeter of our house tagged with spray paint. Not one other house touched not one other vehicle on the street touched, just us,” he said.

‘Were we targeted?’

“So at that point panic sets in and we go, ‘well, were we targeted? What did we do wrong, who did we upset?'”

The family’s home was covered in spray paint, with paint scrawled across the siding, every window, and the brick. The water meter was completely covered in black paint, and the vandal or vandals had opened the screen door to hit the front door as well.

The family’s two cars were also covered in paint, and the tires were slashed.

“This wasn’t just a quick tag, they spent some time outside of our house,” he said.

Allan Hlusiak said he plans to buy a home security system after his Airdrie, Alta., home was vandalized. (Elissa Carpenter/CBC)

“Getting egged or a little bit of spray paint or your car getting keyed — those things unfortunately do happen but I have never seen anything on this scale. I have neighbours stopping in their vehicles and taking pictures of the circus and the display.”

Hlusiak said he, his partner Michelle Hamm and their young daughter have lived in the home for over a year and have a good relationship with their neighbours.

He estimated the vandalism would have taken at least 10 to 15 minutes, but it didn’t wake up the couple or their dog.

Airdrie RCMP said they’re asking residents in the community of Edgewater to review any home video surveillance they have, and if they observed any suspicious behaviour on Oct. 8, to notify police at 403-945-7267.

Hlusiak said after this incident he plans to invest in a home security system.

With files from Elissa Carpenter

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