yep I am married to MacGyver!!!

The evolution of the Adidas slip ons…

– after years of use these beloved shoes become the outdoor slides to pop down to the shed or feed the dog. They sit on the back step in the hot sun and extreme weather conditions waiting to be wore, wishing and praying that one day they may become normal loved shoes again…. but unfortunately no… they have been out of fashion for years now & should be in the bin… (why were these ever in fashion? what was Matt thinking?)

– sadly the weather is not kind to them and in a flash *SNAP* the straps break… out comes the duct tape

– everything is going great for a few months until *BOOM* breaks again… no duct tape left so the clear plastic tape comes out…

– things are looking up for another few months until the harsh weather conditions cause the plastic to weaken and snap again….. oh what to do?

– How about a rope? oh that’s a great idea MacGyver except it slides off as soon as you start to walk and you have to drag your foot to keep it on…

After this photo was taken the process of saving these shoes from the bin has continued…. a plastic zip lock tie was on for a few weeks and now we are back to the trusty duct tape hahahaha

Have a great week guys xx

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